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Body Treatments

You know that feeling when someone scratches that itch on the one spot on your back you just can’t reach no matter how much yoga you do? That sigh of relief and instant relaxation is exactly what Elan Vitale’s Body Treatments aims to give you. Say goodbye to clogged skin pores and tight, sore spots on your back with our gentle Back Cleansing Treatment. And let our talented estheticians set your beautiful skin aglow with our Sea Salt Glow Treatment that will smooth out and hydrate even the roughest areas. Give us a call or come on in to book your Body Treatment today and let Elan Vitale help you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Body Treatments

  • Back Cleansing Treatment

    This Treatment deeply cleanses, removing impurities, rebalancing skin tone and texture. Ideal for congested skin or simply to relax. Followed by a Swedish Relaxation Massage on the back.*


    *massage may not  be recommended for severe acne/cystic acne breakouts. Your esthetician will advice the best procedure for your skin’s needs.

    • $11760 minutes

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  • Sugar Scrub Body Glow

    This treatment uses a blend of sugar and nourishing oils to smooth away dead skin cells to reveal glowing, revitalized skin. An excellent treatment to invigorate the skin, wipe away peeling skin and soften even the driest areas, such as elbows and knees.

    • $11075 minutes

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