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Your hair will DYE for These

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I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not really thoroughly acquainted with the whole hair-colouring experience. I went through a (thankfully) brief phase in high school where I literally brought in Britney Spears’ CD cover photo and told the stylist I wanted “exactly that”. I’d like to point out, even though it’s been over fifteen years later, the stylist did do her due-diligence by telling me that the 47 shades of hair (I may be exaggerating) Ms. Spears was rocking would probably not translate well to, you know, real life. I insisted, she obliged, it was an awful time for everyone. MOVING ON.

My point here is that you don’t have to be the experienced one when it comes to your beauty wants and needs. You should be able to pick up the phone, make an appointment, and get the look you want. Even if it is Brit’s multi-colour mess, uhh, I mean hairstyle, circa 2002.

There’s always so much conversation going on between my girlfriends about which salon to visit, which ones to avoid, that you’re taking a chance with your life if you go into that lady’s basement, etc, etc. One of the things I always hear that really bothers me is, “well, this one costs an arm and a leg, but they’re amazing!” Umm, pardon? I don’t know about you, but I’m rather partial to my limbs, yes, ALL four of them, thank you very much. I totally understand that quality doesn’t come cheap. But it CAN be affordable AND amazing. Those two beautiful adjectives do not have to be separated any longer!

Elan Vitale in Welland is the salon you’ve been waiting for. One more time for the people in the back, and can we get the angels singing and the trumpets playing, please? ELAN VITALE IS THE SALON YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR. Wow. That was beautiful. And totally deserved. Because at Elan Vitale in Welland, you don’t have to take out a second mortgage just because you’ve seen the soft, fun pastel shades of summer and want to let your inner-unicorn run free for a while with a gorgeous mane of periwinkle and lavender. No inner unicorn, just want a few highlights? I don’t believe you (don’t deny your unicorn!), but your highlight wants are in good, professional hands. And you won’t have to dip into your kid’s college fund for them either.

So, since we’ve got it covered that Elan Vitale has YOU covered, I put on my *research glasses and found three trending looks that even newbies like me can get behind, and will leave you, your hair, AND your wallet happy. (I do not have research glasses. I don’t even know if those are a thing).

Dark Roots:

                “Dark roots, blonde hair? Don’t care! Dark roots used to be a blonde’s worst nightmare, but in recent years a dark, smudgy root has become a blonde haircolour trend. The flattering look relies on proper root blending, which should always be left up to your professional stylist. The look is super low maintenance since your natural haircolour grows in nicely and without any harsh lines.”



                Did you check out the “dark roots” one? Good. This is her sister, and she’s here to make your life even easier!


Rose Gold:

If I had to pick a completely new hair colour to try, this one would be it! Call it Rose Gold or Pink Champagne, this hair trend is stylish, subtle, and beautiful. And it’s not going anywhere!

So, put on your *research glasses, make yourself a cup of tea, and find out what your hair dreams are. (I have concluded research glasses are, indeed, NOT a thing). Because something really great happens to hair dreams at our salon: they become reality. And reality at Elan Vitale is a beautiful thing, my friend.

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