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This Weeks Superhero: Massage Therapy

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Top 10 Amazing Ways You Had No Idea It Could Help Your Body and Mind

We all know the glorious pleasure that is a good massage. Which is probably why most evenings in our house start with the standard, “Honey, can you rub my back for a minute, please?” After a long day schlepping around five kids 8 years old and under, including a set of 20 month old twins – you’re not alone; I black out a bit every time I read that, too –, my neck, shoulders and upper back are tense with a capital T. Couple that with my poor husband’s lower back from sitting at a computer desk all day writing code and programming, the pair of us would totally take first place in a geriatric contest, hands down.

Honestly, no matter what you do all day, I have no doubt you end it with at least some sort of back pain, which is why I absolutely love that Elan Vitale offers such amazing massage treatments.

I think it’s fair to assume that most of us know the basics of massage benefits: it feels great, it helps you relax, destress, and unwind, and it can improve your mood because when you feel good, your positive outlook on life increases. However, there are a TON (no exaggeration) of other health benefits that massage brings to the table – pun intended. Some are obvious, but some are so obscure and amazing that I just had to apply an entire blog to Elan Vitale’s awesome Massage Therapy. Here are my top ten beneficial picks.


1: It offsets sitting

No one’s posture is perfect, and if you’re sitting at a desk for eight to ten hours a day, seven days a week, chances are your posture is probably not ideal. Fear not, however! Massage Therapy can actually counteract imbalances in your back that bad posture leaves which causes pain, weakness, and tension. You can stop worrying about the terrible things all that sitting is doing to your precious back. Just book your massage with Elan Vitale and set your mind at ease.


2: It can reduce anxiety and depression

No, I’m not joking. Yes, massage therapy should be considered a miracle. Yes, I will totally sign your petition for MT’s Sainthood. It’s no secret that human touch in a friendly, professional atmosphere can be incredibly therapeutic. Basically, by being able to relax, stress levels decrease and, as a result, symptoms of anxiety and depression are lessened.


3: It boosts your immune system

During my research for this blog, I came across so many articles that stated studies have shown massage therapy, especially ongoing treatments, encourages healthy blood flow which boosts your white blood cell count (the cells that fight infection and disease). This is truly amazing news for people who have a chronic illness like diabetes or repressed immune systems like those with HIV.


4: It helps insomnia

I covet my sleep. And I know I’m not the only one out there. As we get older, it gets harder to not only fall asleep, but stay asleep. Daytime stresses and triggers play a major roll in why we sometimes find ourselves scrolling YouTube videos at 3am instead of getting the shut-eye we so desperately need. When your body is soothed, you can catch those Z’s so much easier.


5: It helps with chemotherapy induced nausea

What?! This is one that totally surprised me. The body truly is an amazing organ, no? By focusing on certain muscles and nerves, nausea caused by radiation can be greatly decreased. Leaving you free to fight the good fight and kick cancer’s butt! You and Elan Vitale: now that’s a tag-team I can get behind!


6: It enhances exercise performance and helps with sports related injuries

Recently acquired some sprains and strains from that hockey tournament? Just can’t seem to conquer that one yoga position no matter how much you search your inner core and practise? You guys, Elan Vitale’s Massage Therapy will help you get back in ship-shape for next week’s game or your next appointment with the gym.


7: It increases cardiovascular health

That’s a big word for your heart; you know, pretty much the most important organ in your body. Massage Therapy works much the same way for this as it does for #3. It encourages healthy, oxygenated blood to flow throughout your body. And since every single cell of blood passes through your heart, that is a huge deal! From risks related to high cholesterol, heart attack, stroke, or just general upkeep of heart health, Elan Vitale’s Massage Therapy can absolutely help!


8: It can lower blood pressure

Pretty much the same reasoning as the above benefit, but I had to include it as its own point because it’s so common! And most of the time, people don’t really think too much about their blood pressure. However, it’s just as important as taking active steps to reduce negative heart tension that could lead to heart attacks or the need for bypass surgery.


9: It can hep control the effects of dementia

I watched my grandfather succumb to this truly awful disease so this one is very close to my heart. I had no idea Massage Therapy could do so much. By decreasing stress and tension, and increasing blood flow to the brain, much of the negative symptoms of dementia can be reduced or at least maintained. Anyone who’s watched a loved one walk this cruel path knows that even a minimal symptom change can make a massive difference in their quality of life and hope.


10: Pain

No, no, don’t stop reading now. I know this one seems like a given. Sore back + Massage = Relief. But there are SO many painful conditions it can help that I never would have guessed. Elan Vitale’s Massage Therapy can help reduce the pain of fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, post-operative pain, migraines and headaches, rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic neck pain, and joint-replacement pain, just to name a few! Seriously, how amazing is that?


Elan Vitale uses only the top, most professional and friendly registered massage therapists. They take the time to work with you, so they are able to identify your sorest, tightest spots to offer you maximum relief. Really though, with all these amazing benefits, need I say more? Book your therapy or therapies today and start reaping the health benefits ASAP! Oh, and ask about the hot stone massage, too. I wouldn’t steer you wrong; it is HEAVEN. Give us a call. We look forward to chatting with you and helping you on the road to a better, healthier, pain-free you!


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