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‘Tis the Season to get Married…

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Stop what you’re doing, everyone. It’s that time again. That’s right, March heralds in the eagerly awaited, coveted Wedding and Prom Season. I know it’s stressful, but don’t fetch your smelling salts just yet. Elan Vitale in Welland, will show you that it doesn’t have to be! Seriously. Can we guarantee a Bridezilla-free event? Alas, we cannot. Can we make sure your prom date gets the precise shade of turquoise for your corsage (because you texted him the colour seven hundred and eight-four times and he better get it right, so help me)? Yeah, sorry, that’s a solid no, too. We also can’t promise your Maid of Honour won’t announce her pregnancy. But call me if she does because that’s 100% unacceptable. You deserve a glass of wine and a good cry, my treat.

What we can do, however, is ensure that no matter what level of crazy happens (crossing my fingers for ZERO), you will look like the queen you are throughout it all. Close your Pintrest page, ladies. Put away your thirty-seven bridal magazines. DO NOT buy that $24.99 online prom dress from Thailand! Sit back and put your feet up, because Elan Vitale is here to not only SAVE your day but MAKE your day as well.



Aside from your partner and outfit, nothing can compare to the importance of expertly styled tresses on your big day. Honestly, it really can make or break your entire look. You wouldn’t pair a highly-formal, glamorous up-do with your rustic décor, mason jar cocktails, and bohemian-chic dress. And neither would Elan Vitale! Your wedding is your day.

We are here to beautifully and affordably execute the vibe you want  so that you can shine as bright as that stunning diamond on your left hand. As for prom, I can’t even believe how much it has changed since I went to mine fourteen years ago! Looking back at some old photos of my prom make me laugh (and then cry a little) because WHY were we SO tacky?! I’ll just say this: Rejoice that you are in the Golden Age of Prom where Elan Vitale can ensure your hair doesn’t look like you just lost an epic battle with a curling iron and hairspray. Elan Vitale’s amazing staff will patiently and professionally work with you in our modern, upbeat salon to make sure you get the bridal or prom hairstyle of your dreams. No matter your hair colour, texture, or length, with the specialists at Elan Vitale, you can rest assured your stunning locks are in good hands.



I’d like to start this segment with a moment of silence for the momentous strides makeup has made within the last decade alone. It’s like we all woke up one day in an enlightened state, finally deciding that liquid liner and bold palettes can actually look good on us peasants. Those bright lipsticks aren’t just movie stars anymore! You guys, we were blessed to witness the birth of perfection that is CONTOURING, for goodness sakes. Let me tell you, Elan Vitale is knowledgeable and proficient in all the timeless vogues as well as the newest trends the 21st century has to offer.

Prom for me, circa the early 2000’s was, as stated above, tacky with a capital T. You know it. I know it. Your grandma knows it. Like, could not ONE person have stood up and told us to put down the glitter and back away slowly from the hideously orange self-tanning cream? I mean, even our foundation was practically nine and a half shades darker then our skin tone. It was a giant cake of disaster and we ALL had a slice.

Have no fear, however! Elan Vitale will NOT send you away looking like your mom did on prom night (or on her wedding day. Don’t tell her I said that though; I’m positive she looked radiant, even with the bright red lips and blue mascara). Elan Vitale’s Prom and Bridal Team has effortlessly transformed “tacky” into “classy” over the years – Fairy-Godmother-style! Although we aren’t stocked in glass slippers, our beauty pros will nonetheless leave you looking like the princess of your dreams. Elan Vitale never takes a shot in the dark when it comes to makeup. We employ only the best beauty technicians. And, cross my heart, we have your perfect foundation match. I promise.



It may only be March, but time flies; especially when you’re eagerly awaiting your special day. Book your appointment now to get ahead of the Prom and Bridal rush (and the inevitable Bridezillas). Book a group appointment with your bridesmaids or your prom-squad to make a fun day out it! And, while you’re at it, spruce up your nails with an awesome, relaxing mani-pedi. ‘Tis the season, ladies! Let Elan Vitale make your event even more superior. Because when you feel beautiful and confident, we do too!

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