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Permanent Makeup & Micropigmentation

At Elan Vitale, our micropigmentation and permanent makeup professionals gently and with great care inject iron oxide pigment into the dermas – middle layer – of your skin using a very fine needle-like instrument. Because this application pierces a much shallower skin layer, it is less painful than a tattoo. Also, it results in less saturation. Therefore, this allows your end results to appear natural.

Micropigmentation is an amazing piece of technology that gets rid of annoying makeup habits. Furthermore, it is a life-changing tool for people with disabilities (cataracts, arthritis, etc), makeup allergies, and skin conditions. In addition, micropigmentation can also help with scarring from surgery, accidents, or genetic patterns.

Elan Vitale’s specialists will carefully walk you through the procedure in our extremely hygienic studio. Our professionals will match the correct pigment to your skin tone and answer any questions. Therefore, you will be comfortable with the method and your aftercare routine.

Overall, Elan Vital looks forward to filling brows, lining eyes, and making lips appear fuller. Also, we are happy to help with male-pattern-baldness, uneven skin tones, and unwanted birthmarks. Additionally, Elan Vitale’s staff is excited to help boost your confidence by minimizing cleft-lip, mastectomy, and other surgical scars that may affect your self-esteem in a negative way. All in all, we already know you’re beautiful, handsome, and worthy. It’s time you did, too.

Permanent Makeup & Micropigmentation Services

  • Medical Micropigmentation

    Corrective tattooing for a wide range of conditions from vitiligo to areola reconstruction tattoos to scalp micropigmentation for hair loss. Exact pricing by consultation.

    • $400+

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  • Microblading

    Eyebrows are given shape, definition and colour with Microblading, also called Eyebrow Embroidery. This form of permanent makeup tattooing, or Micropigmentation uses a special small angle blade to create fine hair-like strokes. Free consultations!

    Check out John’s work here.


    • $3503 hours

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  • Permanent Eyeliner

    This permanent makeup tattoo is also known as Micropigmentation. Free consultations!

    Check out John’s work here.

    • $250Top OR Bottom
    • $350Top AND Bottom

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