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Spa Massage

Hot stone massages have been around for thousands of years and preformed across the world as a luxury spa practise. And for good reason! Ancient China used specifically placed hot stones to improve internal organ functionality. The healing power of hot stones were also widely known and used throughout the Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia, and India. While the technique was lost for a time, it was brought back into popularity in the early 90’s and has been growing ever since. Whether you’re simply looking for a pleasurable way to relax after a tough week, or you have a specific area of pain or tightness you’d like to work on, Elan Vitale’s Hot Stone Spa Massage is here for you. Still not convinced? Come on in and try it out for yourself. Any doubt about why hot stones have been popular for so long will simply melt away – right along with your stress!

Spa Massage

  • Relaxation Massage

    Your esthetican will use a light to medium pressure Swedish massage to soothe and relax you with attention on the legs arms and back.

    • $5330 minutes
    • $7560 minutes

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  • Couples Hot Stone Massage

    Relax together with our popular 90 minute Hot Stone Massage in our private couples room.

    • $19590 minutes

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  • Hot Stone Massage

    A customer favourite! Our estheticians use their hands and hot basalt stones to get deeper into the muscles to increase stimulation and relieve soreness.

    • $10590 minutes
    • $80 (SALE! reg $85)60 minutes

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