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Lash Love with Elan Vitale

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Spoiler Alert: You guys, these are SO addicting!

Are there any other peasants like me out there who LOVE to keep up with new makeup trends and watch the Met Gala or other fashion shows, but literally have the style know-how of a potato? Phew. For a second, I thought I was the only one and almost had to start writing again as if I wasn’t still using the same brand of mascara I used in high school. 30’s the new 17, right. RIGHT?! Anyway, thank goodness for Elan Vitale who can, in the span of a couple hours, bring us humble potatoes from peasant status to “I’m-Ready-For-My-Close-Up”. And how is this possible? My friend, it all starts with your eyes; specifically, the lashes that frame them.

With make-up, it always seems like the smallest details are the most important. And it’s true! And what’s smaller than an eyelash?! If you’re a natural blonde, like me, a redhead, or simply have fair or sparse lashes, Elan Vitale’s eyelash extensions, fills, tints, and lifts, will absolutely transform your face. Just like a quality hair cut, colour, and style (which we totally offer, by the way!) can be the perfect frame for your gorgeous face, lashes do the same for your eyes. Being fair, mascara is one of my best friends. I actually do have long lashes, but they are completely invisible without a bit of help from my girl Maybelline. In an instant, my eyes go from tired and droopy looking, to open, fresh, and sparkling.

However, (plug your ears, Maybelline), a daily makeup routine can be exhausting. So, more times than not, I leave the house with my tired, droopy eyes. But ladies, no more! Elan Vitale Lash Treatments can offer semi-permanent lift (toss that cursed eyelash curler that my kid said looked some sort of torture device), tint and colour (bye-bye mascara), fill in sparse lash gaps, and correct your lash length that nature just did not bestow upon us. Unfortunately, we just can’t all have everything. Wait, umm, you can. Because Elan Vitale is here to give it to you! Hah! Take that nature!

From the dramatic pop of highlighted bottom lashes, which are SO trendy right now, to big, fluffy Kim K. style eyelashes, all the way to the bosses, Adele and Lady Gaga, with their thick, dense cat eye lashes, we can do it all. Seriously, just call us up or come on in and talk to our lash professionals today. Oh, and definitely check out our website It has loads of awesome lash information and other beauty tips. The aftercare is incredibly easy. Plus, our lash pros will make sure you are completely comfortable caring for your flirtatious fringes before you leave.

Researching all the different styles of eyelash extensions, tints, trends, and lengths that the celebs and fashion gurus are sporting was so much fun. But to be honest, I’d rather see you walk out of our salon looking like a highlighted, enhanced version of YOU. Because there’s no one else on this earth like you. So even if you sometimes feel like a potato, let Elan Vitale work their magic to bring your outer-self to the potato’s highest, most stylish, awesome transformation possible: Vodka (or Poutine for all the straight-edges out there).

I never thought I would ever write a blog about eyelash treatments and potatoes. Yet, here we sit, my friends. Sorry, my inner Irish girl was bound to come out sooner or later. At least I’ll have visible, lush, lashes to bat. Even if I am just standing over the sink peeling potatoes with five hungry kids hanging off my skirts.

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