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Why Laser Hair Removal? Why NOT?!

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My TOP THREE Reasons You Do NOT Have to Shave Again!

Listen, I love smooth, silky, fuzz-free skin just as much as the next person. My confession, though? I hate shaving. Loathe it, in fact, with a passion. So much so, that – time to be honest here – I’d rather just live with the prickly legs, bikini stubble, and au natural armpits than deal with the time, hassle, and inevitable cuts that come along with the whole, crappy shaving experience.

I have five beautiful kids, a wonderful husband, and a crazy daily life that I absolutely love. However, all that busyness means my shower is pretty much the only three to seven minutes of warm, quiet, alone time I’ll get in a day. I don’t want to go in there and work! C’mon, ladies, you know it’s work: positioning your leg just right so you don’t fall, lathering up only to have your razor betray you and slip out of your hands fourteen times, shifting your weight to reach a tough spot and accidentally nicking yourself which you just KNOW will have you bleeding like a stuck pig for the next four hours. Yeah, work. With a capital “W”. I want to stand under the steaming water like the four-and-a-half-minute-goddess I am and simply relax.

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a hot minute: no matter *what* the commercials try and tell us, shaving will never, ever, not in a million years, be relaxing. Ever. Full stop. Ok, ok, you get it. But girls, listen to me, this is the twenty-first century and we do not have to subject ourselves to that primitive, time-consuming, truly barbaric practise any longer! So, when you ask, “Why laser hair removal?” I’ll gladly respond, “Why not?!” And here are my reasons:

  • Time: Let’s talk short-term/long-term pros and cons for a minute. I have a life, commitments, plans, soccer games, violin recitals, church play rehearsals. And the list goes on and on (and on!); so I get it, I really, really do. The thought of making a series of appointments and sticking to it might seem daunting. But hear me out. Unlike shaving, laser hair removal is not forever. It’s not even a tiny fraction of forever. The minimal time you will commit to laser hair removal appointments and aftercare is greatly – hugely! – dwarfed by the time you would spend battling your body hair with a razor throughout your life. Laser hair removal, unlike plucking, threading, waxing, or shaving, is not an ongoing process! A few hours over the course of a few weeks is all it takes. That’s all folks!
  • Money: This goes hand in hand with my “Time” reason above, so I won’t drag this out. Time is money, am I right or am I right? And razor blades, let alone weekly waxing appointments or shaving cream, are so ridiculously expensive long term that this “Money” argument is almost laughable. I’m an English Major and even *I* can do the math. Thousands. You will save thousands. For real. Need I say more?
  • Personal Comfort and Confidence: I know, I know, I can hear you now telling me that laser hair removal could not possibly be LESS painful than shaving, but seriously, hear me out. With the personal, professional, and private experience you will receive at Elan Vitale, your laser hair removal experience will be minimally painful (kind of like a light snap of a rubber band against your skin followed by a cooling sensation). Also, unlike shaving you aren’t left with annoying stubble, frustrating missed spots, and, especially, embarrassing and painful razor burns, cuts, or ingrown hairs that could lead to infections and permanent sensitive, sore spots. When you don’t have to worry about uncomfortable rashes, you can be confident in your bathing suits, tank tops, and strapless dresses; with smooth underarms, you won’t think twice about mortifying body odor that hair tends to highlight; and you can, once again, enjoy your shower!Above all, what better way to end than with the fact that Elan Vitale, an exquisite health resort who specializes in Laser Hair Removal in Welland, not only deals with a plethora of beauty and salon needs, but calls the attractive and international Niagara Region, part of the Greenbelt of Ontario, its home.
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