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Laser Hair Removal – It’s not just for the ladies!

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When you think of laser hair removal, your mind probably instantly jumps to the conclusion that this procedure is a woman’s domain, and why wouldn’t you think that? Television commercials alone show us ladies’ eternal quest for smooth legs and bikini lines, hair-free underarms, and perfectly groomed eyebrows. However, spoiler alert, men also desire to get rid of unwanted hair! Of course, this wasn’t always the case; but just last year, over a quarter of a million North American men received laser hair removal treatment. And it’s rapidly becoming more and more popular. In these modern times, men are readily and quickly jumping on the train of modern grooming tactics.

If you’re a man who is on the fence about laser hair removal, consider it no more! Come on in and meet with the personable and professional technicians at Elan Vitale and start reaping the hair-free benefits. And what are these benefits, you ask? Read on. You will not regret it!

Women aren’t the only ones who face the daunting daily task of shaving. Men are no strangers to the time consuming and expensive practice, including those annoying and uncomfortable nicks and cuts that come along with the shaving experience. It’s only a matter of time before the itchy, rough stubble starts to regrow. The five-o’clock shadow is real, my friends! And let’s not even get into the painful, sticky mess that is waxing which, inevitably, irritates your skin to some degree. And waxing is totally out of the question for people with sensitive skin since the process could cause some pretty serious discomfort and rashes.

At Elan Vitale, the professionals use a concentrated high beam of light that not only destroys hair follicles but actually alters the way your hair regrows. The procedure makes it softer, finer, and slower to return with each treatment until it no longer regrows at all! Shaving, waxing, and other hair removal strategies cannot give you those results as they are a temporary solution to a long-term annoyance. With laser hair removal, you can say goodbye to your five-o’clock shadow, prickly ear hair, and embarrassing back hair for good! After you reach the permanent hair reduction stage, you can forget about the general upkeep of controlling your facial and body hair all together. Who wants to spend more time in the bathroom than they have to, anyway? Advanced technology truly is a wonderful thing.

It won’t just be you who enjoys the results, either! It’s a win/win for both of you. It’s probably no secret that your significant other isn’t too eager to shave your back or neck for you, to say the least. Studies show that women and men alike aren’t too fond of back and shoulder hair, to name a couple areas. Let’s be honest, it’s just not attractive. You don’t have to wear a shirt to the pool or beach any longer. Since the unsightly hair will be gone, you can enjoy being out in the summer sun without the awkwardness of your unwanted body hair, and your partner won’t have to wait on you while you spend hours in the bathroom getting ready. This won’t just benefit your life, she will love it, too!

If you’re still a bit gun-shy about the pain, stop right there. The pain is minimal, just a slight zap, kind of like a mild sunburn; and, when compared to the pain of waxing, the pain of laser hair removal is practically nonexistent. Each session lasts about an average of thirty minutes, depending on what problem area you’re targeting, takes zero effort on your part, and involves very minimal aftercare and healing time. Wouldn’t you much rather deal with the temporary inconvenience of a few laser hair removal treatments than a lifetime of the inconvenience and expense that is shaving and waxing? Never mind, you know the answer to that! Call Elan Vitale in Wellend today, and let our highly trained professionals set you on the path to a more comfortable life, all in the privacy of our beautiful, affordable spa, located in the stunning Niagara region.

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