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Keratin for the Win!

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K. E. R. A. T. I. N. Keratin for the win!

Admit it, you grabbed your pom-poms and read that like a high school football cheerleader. If you didn’t, go put on that fifteen-year-old uniform, I’ll wait.

Ok, that’s better. Now we’re all ready to (rightfully and deservedly) praise our awesome BFF, keratin hair repair. Honestly, ladies, she’s saved our bedhead and impossible frizz more times than we count. The procedure is definitely the underrated MVP of the beauty world and you and I both know it.

Still in the dark about keratin? Fear not! I will enlighten you on the wonder that is Elan Vitale’s keratin hair repair method (AKA the best thing ever). Take a stand, ladies! Your damaged hair doesn’t control you anymore; you control it. And it’s about time, if you ask me.

Our History:

Keratin and I are tight and have been for a long time. We go WAY back to the early days of my first pregnancy almost nine years ago, and my girl keratin has had my back ever since. All in all, let me just say, pregnancy is HARD, you guys (can I get an Amen?!). Hard with a capital “H”. Let’s not go into any gory details, but it really wreaks havoc on every part of your body, including your hair – don’t ask me why; I don’t make the rules. Friends had told me, and I also read online, that apparently growing a tiny human can make your hair thicker, shinier, and all around fantastic.

I waited impatiently for glossy, goddess waves to appear when my pregnancy decided to throw me a curve ball and absolutely destroy my hair. Literally overnight, my coveted blonde locks lost all their nutrients, shriveled up, and died, leaving me with chunks of hair that felt like the rough side of Velcro. Yes, it was that bad. After sobbing and throwing myself a giant pity party for what seemed like a solid fourteen years, a good friend of mine introduced me to keratin and it was love at first application.

How does it work?

Basically, each strand of your hair has thousands of pores. These are filled with vital nutrients, proteins, and oils that link together to give you your beautiful, supple mane. So, when hair is damaged, these pores lose what they need in order to keep your hair at its best. Ultimately, this causes dry, damaged hair that becomes prone to split ends, and breakage. Maybe even some minor to moderate hair loss. Keratin hair repair treatments actually penetrate the small pores of your tresses and plump them back up with natural proteins.

Elan Vitale’s keratin hair repair will literally turn back the clock on hair damage and bring your beautiful strands back to life. Our hair professionals will apply the hair repair therapy with a bit of heat to open the pores. The end results boost your hair’s “immune system” if you will. Additionally, keratin hair treatments can act as a smoothing agent for chronically frizzy hair and help significantly with hair length and growth. Also, it is extremely beneficial to receive this repairing therapy before a chemical hair treatment to proactively reduce damage.


So, there I was, a few weeks away from delivering my daughter, crying on the bathroom floor because my hair looked like I had just been electrocuted, when keratin hair repair came to my rescue. Every time I look back at pictures of her and I post-delivery, I thank my lucky stars that even though I felt like I just got hit by a truck, at least my hair looked good. It’s the little victories, right?

Give Elan Vitale a call today and book your keratin hair repair treatment appointment. You’ll be BFF’s in no time, I promise. Even if you don’t feel like a million bucks, you’ll sure look like it! Come on over and let us celebrate a “little victory” with you. We love your hair and we think it’s time you did too.

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