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High-Five for Mani-Pedis!

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Ok, folks. Put your seatbelts on because here it is; the blog we’ve all been waiting for. The mother of all blogs, the blog I’ve been wanting to write for forever, the blog to end all blogs! Sorry, I got a little carried away. I’m better now. Kind of. Because the truth is, Elan Vitale’s manicure and pedicure options are absolutely – wait for it – DIVINE! That’s right, I used the “D” word.

I’m breaking out the big guns, pulling out all the stops, and dusting off my soapbox, ladies and gents! So, get comfy while I give you my top “high-five” reasons why mani-pedis undeniably deserve their title of “The Cornerstone of All Beauty Treatments” (That’s not a real title; I 100% just made that up right now. But it works, so we’re going with it). Moreover, it’s not just for us girls! Guys, get your nails primed and buffed like the handsome blokes you are. Ready or not, we’re ALL jumping on this glorious bandwagon!


1 – Aesthetics:

I know, this one is kind of a no-brainer. And yet, I just couldn’t resist loving on this beauty service because this kind of love is not a one-way street, my friends. Oh, no. This love comes full circle. As much as you love your perfect, glossy, expertly painted digits, Elan Vitale loves to reciprocate that by being devoted to providing you with beautiful nail care! Long story short, professionally applied nails are super pretty. Let’s be honest here, pretty things have this awesome way of making you feel pretty. Shout out to that totally deserving self-esteem boost! Let Elan Vitale’s manicure and pedicure technicians give your hands and feet a little slice of ‘Pretty’ that will last for weeks!


2 – Refined sophistication:

Job interview? Wedding? Dinner party? Date-night? Prom? No matter what upcoming event you have, Elan Vitale will make sure your manicure and pedicure leave you feeling fashionable, fresh, and flawless. Elan Vitale and its nail care team offer an impressive and affordable array of high end polishes, superb nail art, and numerous applications to suit your needs. From a subtle, simple polish for brunch with friends, to ultra durable, chip resistant shellac for the nine-five grind, Elan Vitale has you covered. Also, let’s not forget about the timeless French mani-pedi. You have your whole outfit ready for that uber important business luncheon, but you still feel like something is missing. It’s your nails, sister. Trust me. Come on in and let Elan Vitale tie your whole, fabulous style together with a classy, acrylic, white tipped bow.


3 – Relaxation:

Anyone who has ever had a manicure or pedicure will tell you that the end result of perfectly executed nail care is stunning. However, that’s not even the best part! The hand/arm and foot/calf massage are pretty much the Best Thing Ever. If you haven’t yet experienced this stress-melting piece of heaven, run, don’t walk, do not pass Go, do not collect $200. Get yourself to Elan Vitale’s Salon & Day Spa in Welland ASAP! Not only will this give you some much needed and well deserved ‘me-time’, mani-pedis’ soothing massage preformed by the nail specialists is nothing short of heaven. Sit back, close your eyes, and let the experts gently yet firmly knead away painful muscle knots and target tension-harbouring pressure points. Allow the stylists to pamper you with expert acupressure, calming oils, healing cuticle repair, and rejuvenating dry skin relief.


4 – Goodbye Bad Habits:

Ok people, it’s confession time. I am a chronic cuticle picker; especially when I’m stressed. Don’t lie to me now, I know I’m not the only one. Yes, I see you over there, nail-biting-Betty! I have tried everything to quit. And I mean everything. Cold turkey: Fail. The rubber brand trick: Another fail. Mindful distractions: You guessed it – a colossal fail. The ONLY time my poor, sore cuticles ever have a chance to heal is when I get my nails done. No matter what nail therapy, polish colour, or nail length you desire, Elan Vitale’s manicures and pedicures can help you nip that nail-biting obsession in the bud. That’s definitely a win/win, if you ask me!


5 – Health Benefits:

We’ve established the mani-pedi experience is a must-have, affordable luxury. However, did you also know that it has some really amazing physical and mental health benefits? It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not! Receiving Elan Vitale’s manicures and pedicures regularly will help reduce or eliminate dry, cracked skin, ingrown nails on fingers or toes, and disorders that cause painful, unsightly symptoms like fungal growth and thick or brittle nails. Mani-pedis remove dead skin cells and smooth out calluses. Also, Elan Vitale’s manicures and pedicures help their customers with arthritis, or other bone, nerve, or muscle damage, to experience beautiful nails pain-free. Last but not least, those who suffer from diabetes and require regular foot maintenance will benefit immensely from this therapy. From a mental health point of view, positive, regenerating nail care treatments will improve your mood which will then improve your general outlook on life.


My good friend explained the mental aspect perfectly when she said,

“When I was in the military, I made sure to get [my nails] done so I felt like a girl…with my hair up and [wearing] the same uniform as my husband, I needed a feminine outlet; toes were wild colors and I always had acrylics. Now, it’s a habit! I budget for my hair and nails. I make time to feel good about myself…[because] it starts there.”

Pay Elan Vitale in Welland visit or give us a ring to book your mani-pedi appointment. We genuinely look forward to giving you that “little slice of Pretty”.

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