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Fun in the Sun: Get Your Skin Ready for Summer!

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It’s FINALLY summer (almost)!!! And boy did it take its sweet time coming. Honestly, was that winter not the actual longest and worst ever? Yes, yes it was. For a second there I actually stopped holding out hope that the weather would ever be warm again. I literally forgot how nice it is to have the windows open in the house, being able to send my kids outside so I can write or cook (or do the other eight million things I do in a day) and relishing the long sunny days. And this is coming from a girl whose fav season is winter! THAT’S how awful it was.

This blog isn’t about me complaining about winter. Although I wish it was because that was seriously not cool, Winter, not cool at all; I mean, it snowed in APRIL for goodness sake! This blog is going to be about how Elan Vitale will help you get your skin and body ready for some fun in the sun! You totally deserve to pamper yourself before you soak up the summer; especially after the reign of terror that was winter.

It’s no secret winter has it out for your skin. I don’t know what mine did to offend it so much, but it was definitely out for revenge this past season. It eats up your skin’s moisture, melanin, nutrients, and all-around glow the way my twins eat up Arrowroot cookies. Winter’s favourite feast leaves your poor skin looking and feeling dry, itchy, and dull. It starts to flake and peel, leaving it particularly susceptible to impurities that can cause seasonal acne, uncomfortable rashes, and painful chapping and cracking.

However, at Elan Vitale’s beautiful salon and spa in Welland, we can help soothe your skin back into shipshape, so you feel confident donning your Daisy Dukes, swimsuits, and tank tops to beat the heat! Elan Vitale offers a vast range of treatments, but I’m going to highlight my top three picks to bring back your body’s beautiful glow.

Sea Salt Glow

This is exactly as beautiful, invigorating, and revitalizing as it sounds. Using only the best, finely milled, organic sea salts, Elan Vitale’s beauty pros gently and thoroughly slather your skin to smooth away even winter’s harshest damages. The salts lightly yet effectively remove dead skin cells while lending a healthy, beautiful glow to the skin revealed beneath. And you can say goodbye to rough, calloused, dry elbows and knees. This amazing treatment is able to soften and soothe your driest areas. The Sea Salt Glow application lasts for a truly relaxing seventy-five minutes and leaves your skin refreshed, glowing, and summer-ready.

Purifying Facial

We took care of your body in the above blurb; now it’s time to focus on your best feature: your face! This treatment undoes the ravages of winter so meticulously it’s like they never even happened. For real. Your poor face battled endless months of snow, bitter cold, frost, ice, and sleet like a champion. But now it deserves some pampering in preparation for some fun in the sun! Let the nutrients of seaweed, the scent of lemongrass, and the refreshment of cucumber detoxify, soothe, and remove excess oils and impurities on your beautiful face. Elan Vitale’s Purifying Facial will leave your skin baby-soft and season-ready.

Bikini Line Wax

We’ve covered the skin above your belt. It’s only fair we give the same professional and private courtesy to the skin below your belt. For so long it’s been neglected. But no more! Swimsuit and bikini season is almost upon us and Elan Vitale wants to make sure you are 100% ready. Let’s be honest for a minute. Shaving your bikini line is the absolute worst. (Can I get an amen?!) Even if you manage to successfully shave the area cut-free, the red, painful, itchy rash that inevitable follows make all your efforts in vain. You can either have unsightly hair, or an uncomfortable AND unsightly rash; your call. But, ladies, it doesn’t have to be this way! Elan Vitale’s Bikini Line Wax will not only leave you beach and poolside ready, but it will leave your skin smooth, hair and rash free, moisturized, and beautiful! Our waxing technicians strive to make your visit as painless as possible and absolutely private. Put down the razor, girls. Let Elan Vitale help you instead.

Are you feeling refreshed and energized yet? I certainly am! Elan Vitale has totally got your back when it comes to getting summer ready, so you can enjoy whatever you love to do this season in skin as beautiful and as comfortable as you deserve. Give us a call today and let us kick winter’s butt for you once and for all!

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