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Experience Niagara with Elan Vitale: Part Two

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In my last blog, I took you on a tour of our beautiful Niagara area to explore some fun daytime summer activities and how Elan Vitale could help you make the most of your time. This time, for part two, we’re going to check out some awesome nighttime activities that will totally be enhanced with a quick visit to Elan Vitale first. Because, we believe your summer should be as amazing as you are! In Part One, we saw how Elan Vitale transformed your events from good to GREAT with our Laser Hair Removal for men and women, Waxing Treatments, Mani/Pedis, Massages, and Skin Treatments. Wow! Elan Vitale’s Salon and Spa and Welland really IS amazing! But that’s just half the story. Niagara’s nightlife is calling, my friends! So, here are my top three things to do when the sun goes down and why you should hit up Elan Vitale before you proceed.

Fancy Clubs

I’ll be honest with you, with five young kids, I’m not hitting up any clubs any time soon. But, I’m totally jealous that YOU can, which is why it’s first on my list. I know it’s summer, but that doesn’t mean we can forgo our jobs and responsibilities to go clubbing five days a week (I totally wish we could, but I don’t make the rules, folks). So, since it’s a somewhat rare occurrence, I thought, why not go all out?! It’s definitely worth it and so are you. And nothing says “All Out” more than a sparkling new piercing! Seriously, how fun is that? Come on in and get your second holes on your ears done. Or, be totally adventurous and go for a beautiful nose ring or daring septum piercing. Because, why not?! If that’s a little too over the top for you, no problem! Come on in with your squad before you hit the club and get your hair coloured and styled by our awesome professionals!

Casual Bars

This is more my speed. And if it’s more your speed too, then these Elan Vitale suggestions will be totally up your alley! Hitting up the bar is a toned-down version of a night at the club to say the least, but they do have at least one thing in common as far as Elan Vitale is concerned. And that commonality is, of course, makeup! You want to look your best when you’re out on the town and we want you to, too! Before you check out the bar scene in St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, or Port Colbourne, pop into our salon to get your very own set of Eyelash Extensions. They are attached to your existing lashes to add volume, length and colour. Also, while you’re at it, enjoy one of our wonderful, purifying Facial Treatments that will leave your skin feeling healthy and looking positively glowing!

Date Night

Now THIS I can relate to. Even though with five kids our date nights are few and far between, when my husband and I do get out we absolutely covet our alone time together. Now, usually this consists of a quiet dinner out and maybe a movie afterwards, but I’m the first to admit our date-night creativity may be a tad lacking. However, with Elan Vitale you can score some big points with that special someone in your life by booking a romantic, relaxing Couple’s Hot Stone Massage! It is 90 minutes of pure bliss in our beautiful, private couples room. Could there be a more perfect date-night idea? Rhetorical question, but no, no there could not.

The Niagara Area offers so many great summer activities and Elan Vitale can help you enhance your fun in the sun (or the moon) for pretty much every one of them. Come on in or give us a call to see what you’re missing! We look forward to chatting with you and booking your appointment for the treatment or procedure of your choice in our beautiful Salon and Spa in Welland. There’s only a few more weeks of summer left! Reap the amazing benefits of Elan Vitale while you can!

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