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Elan Vitale’s Spring-Fling with Artistic Nail Colour

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Raise your hand if you have a favourite season! Come one, don’t be shy; I see you over there harvesting your own organic honey, “summer” Sally! Mine, if anyone’s wondering, is winter! No, no, don’t read the blog title again, I’m getting there. Now, raise your hand if you have a favourite nail season. Yeah, neither did I until I started writing this blog. But times change, ladies. Today, I have a beloved season for getting my nails done. And (Ok, you can re-read the title), my new fav nail season is, you guessed it, SPRING! And I’m totally not just saying that because that’s what I’m writing about. A funny thing happens when you start researching something you think you know about; you find out that you were only hanging out on the very most tip-top part of the tip-top of the iceberg!

Spring, in this writer’s opinion, is the only season in which there are (practically) no rules! Yes, yes, you could argue that no season should have pre-conceived fashion “rules” or “trends”. And, girlfriend, I would argue right alongside with you. You want to wear that orange pumpkin sweater and crocs at your next company Christmas party? I’ll tell you it’s super ugly (because honesty is a good thing!) but, gosh darn it, I will support you 110%. And if you ever want to write that anti-rule article, hit me up, because I will so be your co-authour. In the meantime, let’s stick to the awesome topic of Spring Nail Trends. For goodness sakes, it’s March, we don’t have much time left! Here are my Top Three Spring Nail Trends.

Delicately Gilded

This metallic gold doesn’t come off as gaudy or tacky like some of the other metallics I’ve seen. It is so subtle: you can play it up or down, and it works great for a day at the office or a night on the town. I know what you’re thinking: metallics and spring don’t mix. But this is exactly why I love spring nail trends so much; everything can mix! Close your eyes and picture this: a delicate gold nail with a slight shimmer, a cute peachy maxi dress with a hint of lace, loosely braided hair with some beachy waves, and minimalistic makeup (I’m thinking some coral gloss and a bit of bronzer). So pretty, no?! Spring is in, my girl, and so is gold!

Teal Tips

Hear me out, girlfriend, please. I know teal was born and raised in the early 80’s, but everyone deserves a second chance, right?! I’ll be the first admit that teal isn’t as prim and proper as the beautiful but ahem-tired-ahem white glossed French tips. BUT NEITHER ARE WE!!!! Ok, we are. A little. Sometimes. I got a kind of excited there for a second because Teal. Is. Exciting! It doesn’t even have to just be the tips!

Jump right in; get that whole nail done!  And I’m going to go ahead and use this adrenaline rush to say something that may cause some pearl-clutching. Ladies – deep breath – teal is the new nude. There, I said it, and it feels so good to finally get that off my chest! Everyone loves a nude nail – as they should! Nude goes with everything and it’s oh-so-classy. I’m going to be so bold as to say this, “Teal is all that and more!” Don’t knock it until you try it, friend. Give me one colour teal (tips or whole nail) wouldn’t enhance. I’ll wait…

Palette Perfection

I guess this one technically counts as cheating since it includes multiple colours; however, I’m going to let it slide because sometimes, just sometimes, the end justifies the means. Ladies, get to know whatever beautiful feature you want to highlight. Whether it’s your luscious lips, your terrific tresses or your pretty peepers, there’s a nail palette for you! Because that thing I just said about the end and the means? Yeah, that’s happening girls. Right now.

Remember in elementary school, we’d get together with all our friends and brought our 85 pounds (that’s an exact measurement) bag of polish with us so we could all do our nails. It didn’t matter that half of it was your moms from when she was YOUR age or that 98.9% (another exact measurement) of it was all dried out and crusty because there were always SO many to choose from. So many, in fact, most of the time, we expertly painted every nail a distinct colour (and by expertly, I mean literally the worst job ever).

Elan Vitale’s Palette Perfection is exactly like you and your squad’s sleep over in the sense that it’s fun, you’ll be BFF’s with our nail specialist in no time, and we literally have every colour you could ever want. The only way that it’s NOT like our polish parties of old, is that no colours are crusty, you don’t have to bring your 85-pound bag, and I swear on every nail parlour everywhere that our technicians do NOT, in any way, suck. AKA, you’ll be happy with the outcome and your nails WILL be expertly done. And by expertly, I actually MEAN expertly, this time.


I had so much fun picking my nail palette for this blog. I’m very fair-skinned, with blue eyes and blonde hair. Instead of bighting up my look, which I had originally intended, I decided to take tones from my own “body palette”, if you will, and go from there. My picks, which I completely intend on rocking even before you read this blog, are “Everything Pearl” with a few matte embellishments.

For my thumbs, I picked a soft, velvety grey; kind of like the fog of an early spring morning (bear with me, I am an author, after all). For my forefinger I chose a classic, creamy pearl. I went with a delicate, glossy chiffon for my middle finger. My ring finger got the VIP treatment by way of silken oyster polish and matte lace embellishments in a coy linen. My baby finger got a muted pop of colour with a cool-blue-pearly-purple-hue that tied the whole manicure together.

I could end It here, but I love this topic so much that I’m going to add a few more palette ideas. Since I did my blonde on blonde palette, I was dying to make up a pop of colour palette, but I couldn’t decide. So, I did the only thing a girl could do: a palette for all four seasons! We are talking about Spring after all!



1st Eggplant

2nd Raspberry

3rd Hot Pink

4th Bright Orange

5th Neon Yellow


1st Dark Orange (Think sunset or the really rip part of a peach)

2nd Navy Blue

3rd Creamy Yellow (A few shades lighter and more muted than mustard)

4th Mint Green

5th Periwinkle


1st Dark Grey

2nd Light Grey

3rd Dusty Rose

4th Creamy Nude

5th Pale Lavender


1st Pastel Pink

2nd Bright Purple

3rd Teal

4th Gilded Metallic Gold

5th Black

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