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Elan Vitale: A Clean-Cut Guide to Hygiene

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As the saying goes, “cleanliness is next to Godliness”. I’m not sure who actually says this – probably my grandma or great aunt or something. It sounds like an old-lady thing, no? I digress. As far as hygiene at Elan Vitale is concerned though, this ancient adage rings true even in this modern age.

I doubt anyone will be shocked to learn that piercings and micropigmentation, among other body modifications like tattoos and surgery, used to be a dirty – and dangerous! – practise once upon a time. Heck, permanent makeup was still in its earliest stages of development and doctors didn’t even start washing their hands until the late 20th century! Yikes. And ew. So much ew. The entire industry was fraught with substandard environments, unclean and reused equipment, and unqualified artists. Not only did you risk, at the very least, infection and misinformation about aftercare, but you also played a pretty dicey game of Russian roulette with your health; diseases like hepatitis and HIV spread like wildfire through needle-sharing and contaminated settings. Most of the taboo that still seems to cling to body piercings and permanent makeup is directly related to its unsanitary beginnings.

However, Elan Vitale is destroying that taboo one treatment at a time because their piercing procedures and micropigmentation practises are, quite literally, the exact opposite of every gross thing I just highlighted above. Yes, but how, you ask? There are four main applications that make up Elan Vitale’s salon hygiene methods, and I can’t wait to tell you about them!


As far as hygiene goes, location is the most crucial element. The World Health Organization, our national board of health, as well as our regional public health offices all agree that any business using bio-hazardous material, like needles, and preforming body modifications of any kind, like piercings, must be licensed, regularly inspected, and sterile. Elan Vitale’s salon not only meets all Niagara’s requirements, but goes above and beyond. You will never need to question your health or safety when coming in for any of the treatments we offer. Our modern salon, including our piercing and permanent makeup stations, takes pride in our frequent and habitual cleaning and sterilization methods.


Piercing and micropigmentation equipment comes in at an extremely close second, if not a complete tie, with what makes up an hygienic studio. When researching a facility to make your body mod dreams a reality, you should not only demand the absolute newest equipment, you should expect it. Elan Vitale uses only the latest, contemporary technology for their instruments. We use only state of the art apparatuses to preform your piercing, be it navel, nipple, or nose. Our modern and sterile equipment extends to our micropigmentation services, as well. Elan Vitale ensures your approval, satisfaction, and protection.

Trained Professionals

In 9th grade, I knew a couple girls who snuck in ice-cubes, a pin, and a lighter and pierced their ears at lunch-break. At the time, I thought they were super cool, and even seriously considered doing it myself. Don’t worry; I didn’t. And the infections they both got were disgusting enough to make me glad I wasn’t that “cool”. Elan Vitale employs only the very best, highly trained body piercing and permanent makeup professionals. I promise there isn’t an ice cube or a lighter in sight.


This one might seem a bit obscure at first. What does etiquette have to do with Elan Vitale’s hygienic ways? Short answer: a lot. Your technician should not only have a patient and professional “bedside” manner which makes you feel comfortable and safe while you are in their care. They should also be well versed in the aftercare your specific piercing or permanent makeup procedure may require. Elan Vitale’s specialists can and will competently and knowledgeably pass that important information along to you. We’ll be sure you feel capable and comfortable caring for and maintaining your treatment once you leave our salon.

At Elan Vitale in Welland, we take hygiene extremely seriously. We view our customers as our closest friends and family. Which means we value your safety and satisfaction immensely. Give us a call or drop in for a visit and a chat. We welcome your questions and concerns and look forward to putting your mind at ease when it comes to our spotless hygiene record.

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