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Celebrate Mother’s Day at the Day Spa

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I’m going to make this blog entry short and sweet (just like me, ha!), because the clock is a ticking, my friends. So, let’s get right down to business. Are you still stuck on that perfect gift for your amazing, selfless mom or your truly awesome mother-in-law? Are you starting to panic a little bit because your wife is seriously, hands down, the best mom on the planet and you can’t think of something quite good enough for the mother of your sweet babies? And we can’t forget the awesome step-mama’s out there! Not the Disney kind. Those one’s are awful. A card from the dollar store will suffice for them.

Anyway, enough about that. You know who deserves celebration and who you want to honour this May. So, put those tired, cliché flowers down. Back away slowly from that gas-station box of chocolates. Deep breaths now, you guys. Elan Vitale has you covered! Not only do we have your back, we’ve put together some pretty great deals – so you can still take her out for sushi after – and packages, in case you just can’t choose.

First, and this writer’s personal fav, is the Day at the Spa Package. Mani/Pedi, massage, and a facial: honestly, you really can’t beat that. Except I can! Because right now it’s $15.00 off! Why? Because Elan Vitale is the best, obviously.

Maybe that’s not quite the right on? Try this on for size: our Just For Her Package which includes a hot stone massage that is absolute HEAVEN. Seriously, you guys, it really is amazing. And, just because we love mamas, you’ll save $15.00 on this bundle! Psst, there’s also a super relaxing, super sensual couples hot stone massage available. Did I already say it was heavenly? I don’t care, I’m saying it again. It is HEAVEN!

This next one is extremely popular, and it’s not hard to see why. Our Signature Package is a luxurious three hours long and will definitely make the special mother in your life feel as spoiled and pampered as she deserves. And, of course, we’re offering it for $15.00 off our regular price. Pro-tip: go for the European facial! Trust; seriously, I haven’t steered you wrong yet, have I?

If you haven’t already picked up the phone to book one of our awesome packages, let me throw in a few more deals for you: Mani Pedi $75 (reg $85), $10 OFF Facials, and Save $15 on Spa Packages. Did that put the icing on the cake? No need to reply, I know the answer is a resounding, “Absolutely!”

Don’t pass up these incredible deals, my friends! She’ll love it, and you save money. That’s a pretty sweet combo if I do say so myself. Give us a call ASAP before it’s too late. We here at Elan Vitale love our moms, and we love yours too! We can’t wait to treat her like the queen she is!

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