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Bridal & Prom Services

Bridal & Prom Hair Styling

  • Bridal Up-do

    Your stylist will style your hair to perfection for your special day. We recommended a trial up-do, so the only thing you’ll have to worry about on your wedding day is the weather!

    • $65+ Sr. Stylist
    • $60+ Stylist

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Eyelash Extensions

    • Eyelash Extensions Mini Set

      This service includes 45 minutes of lash application to subtly enhance your natural lashes. It is perfect for individuals who are limited on time or want a lighter, more natural set of lashes.* (Full Lash sets average approx 2-2.5 hours and regular Lash Fill average approx 1-1.5 hours)

      *upon consultation, some individuals may not be eligible for a mini set depending on the quantity of your natural lashes

      • $50 – 60min (includes prep)

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    • Eyelash Extension Fill

      This service is a follow up to your initial set of eyelash extensions. Sparse areas where lashes have naturally shed are filled with new extensions to give you the look of a fresh, full set of lashes! Price subject to increase for fills requiring extra lashes and additional time.

      • $55+ Classic Fill
      • $75+ 5D Fill

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    • Eyelash Extensions

      Individual lashes are skillfully attached to your existing lashes to add volume, length and colour. You can choose how natural or dramatic you want to go. A favourite for women on the go, brides, proms, vacation and anyone who wants longer fuller lashes!

      • $105 Full Classic Set
      • $155 Full 5D Set

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