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Bridal & Prom Services

Aside from earning your PhD, birthing your first child, and basically conquering the world (more or less) Prom Night and your Wedding Day are probably the two most important events in any teen and young woman’s life. While we aren’t holding our breath for an invite to your graduation ceremony (really though, we’d totally be there with bells on!), we are so here for you beauty-wise and are absolutely humbled to help you look and feel your very best on this once-in-a-lifetime special day.

Elan Vitale in Welland is not a “one hairstyle fits all” type salon. Rest assured, we never have been, and we never will be. There are no “cookie-cutter” makeup looks at this establishment, my friend; and that goes for our nail art and lash falsies, as well!

We professionally match your skin-tone to the right primer, foundation, concealer, highlighter, and lipstick shade. Our staff will completely enhance your attractive ambers, gorgeous greens, honeyed hazels, and beautiful blues by pairing the perfect shadow for your specific eye colour. Our Bridal and Prom team are such experts that no hair length, colour, or, texture can phase us. Your brows will be groomed to your satisfaction and your nails will sparkle. We also take significant consideration in your prom theme or your wedding style when drafting your beauty plans so that no detail goes unnoticed. Make sure to book your hair and makeup trial run, too, so everything will run perfectly smoothly when your eagerly awaited day finally arrives.

Bridal & Prom Hair Styling

  • Bridal Up-do

    Your stylist will style your hair to perfection for your special day. A trial up-do is recommended so the only thing you’ll have to worry about on your wedding day is the weather!

    • $65+

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Eyelash Extensions

  • Eyelash Extensions Mini Set

    This service includes 45 minutes of lash application to subtly enhance your natural lashes. It is perfect for individuals who are limited on time or want a lighter, more natural set of lashes.*  (Full Lash sets average approx 2-2.5 hours and regular Lash Fill average approx 1-1.5 hours)

    *upon consultation, some individuals may not be eligible for a mini set depending on the quantity of your natural lashes

    • $5060min (includes prep)
    • $140Pkg of 3 sets

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  • Eyelash Extension Fill

    This service is a follow up to your initial set of eyelash extensions. Sparse areas where lashes have naturally shed are filled with new extensions to give you the look of a fresh, full set of lashes! Price subject to increase for fills requiring extra lashes and additional time.

    • $55+Classic Fill
    • $80+5D Fill

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  • Eyelash Extensions

    Individual lashes are skillfully attached to your existing lashes to add volume, length and colour. You can choose how natural or dramatic you want to go. A favourite for women on the go, brides, proms, vacation and anyone who wants longer fuller lashes!

    • $105Full Classic Set
    • $155Full 5D Set

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