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Our Services


  • Hydrating Mask

    Add an intensive Hydrating mask to any hair service to make hair soft, supple and shiny. Moisture is infused with heat and massage.

    • $20

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  • Shikakai Clarifying Treatment

    Dr. Bronner’s invigorating shikakai extract will energize the mind and strip product build up and impurities from the hair shaft.

    • $20

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  • Keratin Repair

    Keratin proteins are meticulously applied to damaged and porous hair. The keratin will penetrate the hair shaft with heat to reinforce hair and equalize porosity. Often recommended before chemical services or to make hair regain manageability. Beneficial to clients trying to gain length.

    • $30

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Day Spa

  • Shellac Removal

    We gently remove your Shellac, clean your nail beds and moisturize your hands and cuticles.

    • $1215 minutes

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  • Gel Manicure

    This service is perfect if you want a Gel Overlay, but need the full attention and pampering of a manicure, including full cuticle work.  Your choice of French Manicure, clear or choose from a variety of fashionable colours. This service does not instantly add length to your nails but rather strengthens your natural nails to encourage growth without breakage.

    Gel nails are breathable and odourless. They are flexible and durable and new growth is filled approximately every 3 weeks as nails grow long and strong. Always have perfect nails!

    • $6075 minutes

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  • Anti-Aging Facial

    This highly moisturizing and refreshing facial is the deluxe treatment for the skin over forty. A specific prescription is designed to target fine lines and creases. Skin will look younger and feel tighter.

    • $9575 minutes

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  • Registered Massage Therapy Deep Tissue Massage 30 mins

    Massage penetrates deep into the muscles to sooth away knots, relieve pain associated with tense muscles and also cleanses the body of toxins.

    Our massage therapy is delivered by a Registered Massage Therapist and is covered under many Employer Insurance plans.

    • $6030 mintues

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  • Couples Hot Stone Massage

    Relax together with our popular 90 minute Hot Stone Massage in our private couples room.

    • $18090 minutes

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  • Hot Stone Massage

    A customer favourite! Our estheticians use their hands and hot basalt stones to get deeper into the muscles to increase stimulation and relieve soreness.

    • $10090 minutes
    • $8060 minutes

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  • Just for Him Package

    The perfect package just for men! Includes Men’s Executive Foot Treatment, 60 minute Relaxation Massage and a Haircut.

    • $1352 hrs 45 mins

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  • The Little Princess Package

    For girls 12 and under. Nails are shaped & polished on the fingers and toes. A light make-up application is followed by a set of bouncy curls or classic braid.

    • $5090 minutes

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  • Day at the Spa Package

    Have it all! Our Basic Manicure, Basic Pedicure, Classic Facial and a 60 minute Relaxation Massage.

    • $2154 hours

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For Men

  • Full Body

    Our hair removal specialists are experienced, gentle, professional and efficient. Combine all areas for full body hair removal.

    Waxing prices starting at:

    • $225

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  • Stomach

    Our hair removal specialists are experienced, gentle, professional and efficient. Hair is removed from the entire stomach area.

    Waxing prices starting at:

    • $25

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  • Chest

    Our hair removal specialists are experienced, gentle, professional and efficient. The entire chest area is addressed.

    Waxing prices starting at:

    • $35

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